Hamper Items

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1 October, 2019

Christmas Hampers are a wonderful gift that we, as members of the Church can provide to needy families in our community.

Here is a list of items that we would like to place in every hamper. because of storage problems for the more perishable items, we have set up a donating schedule below.

October 6 Bottled or canned fruit / cans of fish (tuna or salmon)

October 13 Cans of Baked Beans, Spaghetti or tomatoes

October 20 Cans of vegetables ( some suggestions - corn, peas, carrots, beetroot

October 27 Pasta and pasta sauces, pasta or rice meals

November 3 Cakes mixes, biscuit mixes, Christmas cake

November 10 Drinks - juice, cordial, soft drinks

November 17 Biscuits, Jellies

November 24 Christmas Puddings, long-life custard, cream or rice cream

December 1 Savoury biscuits, mince pies

December 8 Chocolates, lollies, Christmas treats, chips