Trevor Marett

Church Council Chairman; Community Support COM Coordinator; Pastoral Care Coordination Team Convenor; Presbytery Representative

I am called to follow Christ’s model of servant leadership and I have always sought to be a leader worthy of a discerning followership – a relational leader who seeks to identify other’s gifts and encourage them to develop those gifts in appropriate areas.   

I have served on BRUC Church Council for over ten years and in 2017 was appointed Chairman. My goal has been to help all leaders and members of the congregation minister to each other and to grow in faith just as others have taught and helped me.  

Being an effective church that grows God’s kingdom means that we need to be strategic in the use of all the resources He has provided for us. Planning for maintenance, management, ministry and mission is essential and I have tried to help shape that direction at BRUC but my passion is for mission – for us to reach out in love and so lead others to fullness of life in Jesus. This has been felt in God’s call to coordinate the Community Support Centre of Ministry and I am inspired by the amazing people we have who are growing various innovative and exciting projects and partnerships which make a real difference to our region and our world.  Working with a visionary team to bring Wesley Mission, Uniting Care and Presbytery together at BRUC to advance the wider church’s mission is an energising part of this.

Throughout my life God has consistently called me out of any comfort zone and in the process has taught me the value of being led by the Spirit. Because of this I have faithfully endeavoured to show constant love for all His people, to bring peace to the unsettled and to present a gentle but strong positivity to the weary. We love because God first loved us.  May God’s blessings and peace be with you all.  Trevor