Guadalcanal Partnership

Community Support

Our congregation seeks to reach out in love to the people of the Beenleigh region and beyond. We recognise that Christ’s call to “love our neighbours” is not restricted to our immediate vicinity, but includes all people regionally, nationally and internationally.

In reaching out in love, we seek to engage in God’s work of justice and compassion right across the world.

In 2012, with the aid of UnitingWorld, we established a partnership with the Guadalcanal Circuit from the United Church of the Solomon Islands. This circuit is made up of a number of remote congregations on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Some of the components this relationship have involved include;

  • Hosting a key leader or married couple from the Guadalcanal Circuit by BRUC for a short period each year
  • Groups from BRUC having short visits to the various villages of the Guadalcanal Circuit on an annual basis
  • Relationship building with women through pen friend letter writing
  • Providing financial support for Ministry Training in the Guadalcanal Circuit