The Ancient Paths

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15 October, 2018

Today, we have GPS apps and map software available on our phones, or even installed in our car - few of us have to stop while driving and ask others for directions anymore. However, we still benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of other travellers. When we visit a new region of our country or travel overseas, we often consult guidebooks, reviews from other travellers, and recommendations from experts.

Our spiritual journey is the same. We can benefit so much from the hundreds of years of wisdom and experience that other Christians have left us as their legacy. When we read the writings of ancient pilgrims of the faith, we are able to look into the heart of another brother or sister in Christ. We can understand their struggles, appreciate their insight, and learn from their timeless faith in the Lord.

The wisdom of other Christians provides us with a bigger road map on our journey. We can see beyond what we've experienced and realize that we will be stretched and called to venture into unknown territory, places that have already been blazed by other believers who have gone ahead of us.

We are never traveling alone.