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17 July, 2018Don't grow WEARY!

When a garden has been well planned, well tendered and maintained, it becomes a work of art..... And it obviously requires work. Young trees have to be staked so they grow strong and tall, undeterred by the forces of wind and rain. Hedges must be trimmed and shaped rather than allowed to grow at odd angles. Flower beds require weeding to make sure that only the desired blooms receive the nourishment the soil has to offer. Gardeners know their tasks produce health, beauty, and fruit in the plants and trees they're devoted to nurturing.

Our Christian faith requires the same kind of attention. We need nourishment from God's Word, the light of his presence, and the Living Water of Christ's love. We also need pruning from time to time, straightening and correcting. We must weed out temptations and harmful influences that would pull us away from our first love.

As every gardener knows, their craft requires daily practices.

Today, make sure that you're tending your soul with all that it needs to flourish and bloom.

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