More than GOOD enough

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23 October, 2018

Many people think of themselves as "good" , …. willing to treat others kindly and to do what they can for the world around them. Many people fear that they're not "good enough", and so they try to do extra service and show extra kindness to others. However, if we're totally honest, no one is really good - at least , not in the sense the God is good.

No matter how nice, kind, caring and compassionate, we are still sinful. In this lifetime, we'll never reach perfection even as we're transformed by the power of God's Holy Spirit dwelling within us. We simply have to remember that God is the source of our goodness. He provides the standard as well as the power for all we need to do.

Although we'll never be perfect, we're already more than good enough...…. because of what Christ has done for us.

We can share this good news with others, so that others may experience God's forgiveness, grace and love.