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18 July, 2018Don't grow WEARY!

Does what you do during the course of the day match the words that you speak during that same day? Does what you say align with what you're actually doing? As followers of Jesus, we all want to "walk the talk" and not just give lip service to our faith. But, to put a fine point on it, this is easier said than done!

Words can flow easily, almost effortlessly at times. We tell people what they want to hear and get on with our day. Problem solved, issue sorted, and case closed. And yet, do our words reflect the grace of God and the truth of his Word? And does our behaviour match our message?

It's easy to say one thig and do another. The real evidence of our commitment to following Jesus emerges in the synchronicity between our speech and our actions.

Today, let your Christlike actions speak louder than anything you say.

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