Fear disappears...

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17 July, 2018

Fear has a way of creeping up on one. It often begins with some small detail getting derailed or something we counted on going awry. One thing leads to another, with the problem getting bigger and more out of control. The insignificant ripple we had tried to ignore becomes a full blown tsunami.

Many children are afraid of the dark. When they awake from a bad dream and cry out, a loving parent goes to them and their fear of the darkness disappears. The dark doesn't disappear, but the FEAR does. WHY? It is because someone is with them, holding their hand.... the fear dissipates.

In the same way, even in the darkest times of our life, when we are in the shadowy and dark valleys, the LORD is still with us (PSALM 23). No matter how large or small your concerns, he wants to comfort you, and calm your heart. He know about emotions - after all he created us in his own image.

He is not only with us, He will not only help us, He will not only strengthen us...….

 but He is the one who's holding us in his hand.